About the 2013 Presenters

Bruce Bennett - Residential Workshop Series Main Speaker

Bruce Bennett is a Project Manager with GDS Associates and specializes in the energy efficiency of residential buildings. Bruce is a RESNET-accredited and certified home energy rating provider (HERS) under the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards. Bruce has conducted hundreds of home energy ratings for candidate-homes for the EPA's ENERGY STAR Homes labeling program, the tax credits through Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT 2005) and for energy efficient mortgages.
As a project manager, Bruce oversees a staff of 7 residential energy efficiency specialists and home energy raters. Bruce's team currently supports the implementation of various utility-sponsored residential energy efficiency programs which includes Public Service of New Hampshire, Unitil Corporation, NH Electric Cooperative, National Grid, NSTAR, Northeast Utilities and the Cape Light Compact. Bruce has over seven years of experience working with the REM/Rate software. Prior to the development of the implementation of ENERGY STAR Homes Program and the EPACT 2005, Bruce used the REM/Rate software to model homes for energy consumption and to estimate component-specific energy savings using the software's energy improvement analysis capabilities.
Bruce joined GDS Associates in December 2000 and is based in the firm's New Hampshire office. Prior to joining GDS, Bruce served as a Development Officer with New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority where he provided finance underwriting, loan disbursements and construction oversight for the completion of multi-family housing development projects. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design and a Master of Regional Planning; both from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Jonathan Osgood - Residential & Commercial "Energy Code Background" Presenter

Jon Osgood is currently the Energy Conservation Coordinator at the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission. Jon worked in energy and building related fields his entire professional career, beginning with UNH Extension where he conducted more than 300 home and 100 business energy audits in the North Country before moving south to accept a series of appointments with the Governor's Energy Office under Governors Gregg and Sununu. Osgood was appointed Director of that office by Governor Gregg who later asked Osgood to form the Governor's Office of Energy and Community Services which he directed until 1997. He subsequently joined the Public Utilities Commission staff to run the energy code program and upgrade the code. He held positions in the Consumer Affairs, Finance, Telecommunications and Safety Divisions within the PUC before he resumed responsibility for the energy code in 2007.
Jon is a Portsmouth native who was educated in West Germany and Bangor, Maine. He earned an Economics degree from the University of New Hampshire. During and after high school and college he worked in the building trades as a carpenter/plumber/electrician. He has also been a volunteer Fire Fighter and part-time Police Officer.

Keith McBrien, LEED AP, CEM, CEA - Commercial Workshop Series Main Speaker

Keith McBrien is a Project Manager with GDS Associates with over 20 years of engineering experience related to the energy field. Keith began his career working as a design engineer on HVACP systems for colleges, universities and public schools throughout the northeast region. Over the past few years Keith has led several sustainable and renewable energy assessments from industrial plants utilizing waste heat for process heating and cooling to direct use geothermal for two large hospitals in the Sierra Nevada region. Most recently, Keith developed the commercial and industrial energy service group for the GDS Associates New Hampshire office that has provided hundreds of comprehensive fuel blind energy audits to C&I customers within the region. For the past six years Keith has been the lead engineer to provide measurement and verification metering and analysis on energy efficiency programs and measures in Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts. Over the past five years Keith and the GDS team has worked closely with building owners and HVAC contractors to help resolve comfort and energy performance issues also known as retro commissioning. With a focus on existing buildings that have had significant changes in use that the systems were originally engineered GDS has found significant cost reduction for owners and improved health and comfort of the occupants.