Resources for Mortgage Brokers and Appraisers

Mortgage brokers and appraisers are together responsible for evaluating the value of a property and facilitating the financing opportunities available to buyers based on this assessment. It is important that they understand the value of a home built to the new NH standards established in the IECC 2009.

Properties that are built to the new energy code are more energy efficient - not only will they save the property owner money in heating and cooling expenses, but they also offer a safer and healthier environment to live and work in. It is crucial that the appraised value of properties that are built to the code and the loans made available for them reflect these benefits.

Below you will find quick reference guides and tools to help you learn more about the NH energy code and how the code affects appraisers and mortgage brokers in NH.

Quick Toolkit for Mortgage Brokers and Appraisers

BECP's Top Ten Reasons for Building Energy Codes


EPA's Appraising ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes

Download (PDF)

GDS Associates' Presentation to the NH Realtors Association


The RESNET HERS Index Brochure


Be sure to check out these handy resources: an energy code checklist for homeowners and energy code guide!